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And now we are here

From new years

Where we were sharing hugs and cheers

Planning our 2020 month by month

Not knowing in weeks to come

Our days would accentuate every hour

To be felt and filled

With spontaneous moments of gratitude

For what used to feel little

On one side of the book

I would side with the idea not to complain

Because how can I…

When I see each morning?

And gratitude feels like

Leaving your house for the first time in a week

Taking strides down the street

Because being outside

With fresh air hitting your skin

Feels human

Yet if I turned the page to tomorrow

And read that it rained

And no one got drenched outside

But rather many were indoors

And some were in sorrow,

How can I not be concerned…

When others are mourning

And their tears are being turned into stats

That are rolled over each morning

And we are still pulling the rug to reveal injustices

We are not done with discrimination

Despite our determination

To put it behind us

It’s seen within crisis

Imbedded in system

Subtly given a licence

But we will disarm it

Before it does us

Like we have worked before

Speaking, studying, understanding

Advising, reversing, breaking down

And building up what ought to be

But what good is a piece of infrastructure

If it has no light

I am reminded of the busker last week

Who sang in the middle of the street

That Jesus is mighty to save

And maybe the activist’s pain is helped

By the promise of a better eternity

I am prodded to pray

That their tears would be wiped away

Stop for a moment

When someone is in need

And if they ask about faith

I would say Jesus

Here, now and forevermore

To be your helping hand

Even before I lend mine


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